The 2016 Cambridge Greek Play was a double bill of Sophocles’ ANTIGONE and Aristophanes’ LYSISTRATA

A highlights video from the production is available here.

The play ran from 12 to 15 October at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, playing twice a day to capacity audiences and winning rave reviews. Helen Eastman and composer Alex Silverman, the team behind Agamemnon (2010) and Prometheus/Frogs (2013), returned for their third consecutive Greek Play and surpassed even the high expectations generated by their previous productions. Every show was a sell-out.

Pre-show talks were given by Professors Paul Cartledge, Simon Goldhill, Richard Hunter and Tim Whitmarsh.

symposium took place on Sunday 16 October at Queens’ College: more information is here.

If you are interested in donating to the Cambridge Greek Play or to see a list of our current sponsors, please take a look at the sponsorship page here. The Cambridge Greek Play has charitable status.

Cast: Antigone

  • Antigone: Evie Butcher
  • Ismene: Kaiti Soultana
  • Creon: Orlando Gibbs
  • Guard: Stanley Thomas
  • Haemon: Joe Sefton
  • Teiresias: Jack Hawkins
  • Messenger: Nicholas Hendy
  • Eurydice: Joanna Clarke
  • Chorus: Michelangelo Chini, Matthew Coote, Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Rachel Grewcock, Nathaniel Hess, Kyle Turakhia, Vicky Vanderstichele, Caitlin Wash
  • Offstage Choir: Zephyr Brüggen, Natasha Cutler, Amber Reeves-Pigott, Saskia Ross, Rosanna Suppa, Siyang Wei, Hollie Witton

Cast: Lysistrata

  • Lysistrata: Natasha Cutler
  • Calonice: Hollie Witton
  • Myrrhine: Amber Reeves-Pigott
  • Stratyllis: Rosanna Suppa
  • Lampito: Saskia Ross
  • Magistrate (Foreign Secretary): Zak Ghazi-Torbati
  • Kinesias: Kyle Turakhia
  • Messenger (Trump): Orlando Gibbs
  • Spartans: MIchelangelo Chini, Matthew Coote, Nathaniel Hess
  • Chorus of Women: Zephyr Brüggen, Evie Butcher, Joanna Clarke, Rachel Grewcock, Kaiti Soultana, Vicky Vanderstichele, Caitlin Walsh, Siyang Wei
  • Chorus of Men: Michelangelo Chini, Matthew Coote, Jack Hawkins, Nicholas Hendy, Nathaniel Hess, Orlando Gibbs, Joe Sefton, Stanley Thomas


  • Musical Director: Alan Bowman
  • Assistant Musical Director: Edward Reeve
  • Violin: Peter Grishin, Shantong Wang
  • Viola: Izzy Cocker, Sophie Trotter, Georgia Powell, Heppy Longworth
  • Cello: Orla Papadakis, Ben Grant, Michael Dawson
  • Guitar: Jegug Ih, Karan Singha
  • Soprano Saxophone: Laura Dunkling
  • Trombone: Oliver Philcox, Adam Waterson
  • Percussion: Jonathan Morell, Sami Alsindi


  • Director: Helen Eastman
  • Composer: Alex Silverman
  • Designer: Neil Irish
  • Lighting Designer: Neill Brinkworth
  • Associate Choreographer: Janine Stacey

Production Team

  • Production Manager: Ray Cross
  • Assistant Directors: Gareth Mattey, Rachel Tookey
  • Company Stage Manager: Daisey Friend
  • Deputy Stage Managers: Matilda Ferry-Swainson (Antigone), Jacob Baldwin (Lysistrata)
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Caitlin Carr, Fae Clark, Sophia Graeff-Buhl-Nielsen, Katie Philips, Ellie Warr
  • Assistant Designer (Set): Eulilee Brown
  • Assistant Designer (Costume): Hannah Bowstead
  • Design Assistants: Rhona Jamieson, Amanda Karlsson
  • Costume and Wardrobe Supervisor: Shermaine Devine
  • Chief Electrician: Peter Griffin
  • LX Crew: Stephanie McMorran
  • Crew: Philine Hagenmayer
  • Surtitle Operators: Michael Morrison (Antigone), Michael Loy (Lysistrata)
  • Language Coaches: Anthony Bowen, James Diggle
  • Education Officer: Poppy Lindsley
  • Publicity Officer: Kam Sohi
  • Publicity Design: Hannah Grace Taylor
  • Photography: Hannah Watson (rehearsals), Gemma Mount (production)
  • Producers: Katherine McDonald, Christopher Whitton



“The chanting of the chorus in Antigone sent shivers down your spine… there really was too much talent to pick out every impressive actor.”

Frances Myatt, Varsity

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