Oedipus at Colonus

The 2019 Cambridge Greek Play was a modern-day version of Sophocles’ Oedipus at Colonus. Inspired by the story of Pinochet’s visit to the UK in 1998, this production saw Oedipus in his dying days in a hospital, surrounded by those he loves, those who have betrayed him and seeking the protection of Theseus, the hotshot King of Athens. With original music from Alex Silverman and live soundscaping by Xavier Velastin using only our cast’s voices, this show was unlike any other and a first for the Greek Play.

The next Cambridge Greek Play is expected to be in October 2022. Follow the play at facebook.com/cambridgegreekplay and twitter.com/camgreekplay.

It was directed and designed by the Off West End Award Winning team of Daniel Goldman, Jemima Robinson and Richard Williamson. Daniel Goldman is known for his imaginative theatre work in several languages with his Tangram Theatre Company and beyond, and enjoyed the exciting challenge of staging Sophocles in the original Greek. One of Sophocles’ last works, and the middle play in his “Theban trilogy”, Oedipus at Colonus explores the final days of the exiled king, old, blind and wandering. It is one of the greatest plays about old age, the bearing of life’s horror, and the transcendence of the ordinary.


  • Oedipus: Rosy Sida
  • Antigone: Sara Hazemi
  • Ismene: Vee Tames
  • Theseus: Harry Burke
  • Creon: Eleanor Lind Booton
  • Polineikes: Harry Camp
  • Chorus: Lily Bickers, William Hale, Alicia Hussey, Alice Murray, Sophie Scott, Alice Tyrrell, Jamie Wigley

Production and Design Team

  • Director: Danial Goldman
  • Producers: Jennifer Wallace, Rebecca Laemmle
  • Composer: Alex Silverman
  • Set and Costume: Jemima Robinson
  • Lighting: Richard Williamson
  • Sound: Xavier Velastin 


  • Assistant Director: Julia Leino
  • Assistant Producers: Theo Sawkins, Katherine Wills
  • Stage Manager: Lucia Revel-Chion
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Zaynab Ahmed, Anna Sayles
  • Assistant Set Designers & WHAM: Tim Otto, Anna Sayles
  • Surtitling Operator: Amy Hill
  • Surtitling and Lighting Designers: Melanie Chen, Amy Hill
  • Assistant Video and Sound Designer: Molly McNicholl
  • Publicity: Julia Leino, Lucia Revel-Chion, Theo Sawkins & Katherine Wills
  • Assistant Dramaturg: Ashley Mehra
  • Student Publicity Designer: Julia Leino
  • Photographers: Rohan Studio (rehearsal period), David Swarbrick (run-through) & Gabriel Humphreys (production)

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Photo credits to David Swarbrick (colour) & Katherine Wills (black and white).


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