Women of Trachis

THE WOMEN OF TRACHIS was performed 22-26 February 1983 at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

This production marked the centenary of the Cambridge Greek Play. A souvenir programme, ‘One hundred years of the Greek play: The Women of Trachis’, was produced for the occasion, written amongst others by Pat Easterling, Chairman of the Greek Play and later Regius Professor of Greek, whose commentary on Trachiniae had been published the previous year. The music was written by Mervyn Cooke, now Professor Music at Nottingham University, who has kindly supplied the production photos on this page.


  • Deianira: Angela Hobbs
  • Nurse: Georgia Clarke
  • Hyllus: Jeremy Amias
  • Messenger: Clive Galliver
  • Lichas: Trevor Jackson
  • Old Man: Howard Dibben
  • Heracles: John MacGinnis
  • Chorus-leader: Clare Foster
  • Chorus: Elizabeth Atkinson, Sarah Buckley, Catharine Edwards, Kate Forrester, Celia Gardiner, Greer Haskell, Gabrielle Hodgetts, Miranda Mindlin, Ros Nevin, Yopie Prins.
  • Iole: Catherine James
  • Captive women: Joanna Crawfor, Caroline Eagle, Marguerite Holdsworth, Catherine Hooley, Jennifer Lobell, Madeleine Smout, Heather Wharton
  • Attendants: Tim Chambers, David Drake, Alison Evans, Jason Fordham, Andrew Garden, Paul Henry, Simon Scott, Malcolm Sore, Richard Washbourne


  • Oboe: Sarah Devonald, Michael Gordon
  • Harp: Rupert McShane
  • Percussion: Mark Kemball, Rufus Rottenberg, Chris Walton

Production Team

  • Director: David Raeburn
  • Composer and musical director: Mervyn Cooke
  • Costume design: Dora Raeburn
  • Costume-makers: Judy Birdwood, Sarah Tremlett
  • Jewellery: Sheila Scott
  • Scenery design: Richard Wackerbarth
  • Scenery manufacture: Cygnus studios
  • Scene-painter: Chris Clark
  • Stage Manager: Caroline Johnson
  • Make-up: Ursula Scott, Henriette van Gelder, Emma Spink
  • Choral movement: Mary Faith Raeburn