The performances of Aeschylus’ AGAMEMNON took place in February 1953.

The actors’ text and translation were published as J. T. Sheppard and D.W. Lucas, The Agamemnon of Aeschylus (Cambridge 1952) (Lucas contributed the introduction). As in 1939, the music was composed by Patrick Hadley, now Professor of Music. The set design was based on the Lion Gate of Mycenae.


  • Agamemnon: Bryan Reardon
  • Clytemnestra: Frances Hedley
  • Aegisthus: Bernard Mayes
  • Cassandra: Jennifer Field
  • Watchman: David Lowther
  • Herald: Justin Davies
  • Captain: Tony White
  • Chorus: Victor Johnson (leader), William Cook (leader), Robert Kirk, John Bedford, Ryder Walley, Philip Mason, Christopher Scott, Iain McGlashan, John Treneman, David Bartlett, Patrick Edwards, Malcolm Darling, John Murray, Fred Robertson, John Knowler, Philip Pendcred, William Anderson
  • Soldiers: Tom Priestly, Ernest Maile, Alexander Macintosh, David Pownall, David Whitey, Josselyn Hill, David Simpson
  • Attendants: Dorothy Killick, Alison Linklater, Helen Timms, Patricia Fairfax, Rosalie Attwood, Ursula Munsell, Mary Tredennick, Jane Elder, Ursula Hancox 


  • Harp: James Walker
  • Clarinets: Robin Lock, Sebastian Doniach
  • Percussion: Marjorie Ruston, John Standing

Production team 

  • Producer: George Rylands
  • Composer: Patrick Hadley
  • Scenery and Lighting: Quentin Lawrence
  • Scenery painted by Joan Jefferson Farjeon
  • Costumes: Sheila Grundy and Judy Birdwood
  • Stage Manager: Donald Beves
  • Assistant Stage Manager: John Landels
  • Wardrobe: Sheila Grundy and Judy Birdwood
  • Business Manager: L.P. Wilkinson
  • Assistant Business Manager: A.G. Lee, G.S. Kirk, A.G. Woodhead