Oedipus Tyrannus

Oedipus is the king of Thebes, but he is not Theban. Can he allow his ignorance to be the cause of new jeopardy?

The production took place at the Cambridge Arts Theatre on 13-16 October 2004.


  • Oedipus: Marta Zlatic
  • Priest: Robert Lloyd Parry
  • Creon: Laura Stewart
  • Tiresias: Olga Tribulato
  • Jocasta: Adetomiwa Edun
  • Corinthian: Cordelia Jenkins
  • Herdsman: Nicola Simpson
  • Messenger: Mathilde Dratwa
  • Tiresias’ boy: Thomas Lowth, Jacob Roney
  • Antigone: Emma Stine, Siobhan Wilson
  • Ismene: Beatrice Edwards, Francesca Galton-Becque
  • Bodyguard: Rui Santos
  • Chorus: Rosa Andújar, Benjamin King, Catriona Mackay, Josephine Mortimer, Holly Strickland, Helen Walter
  • Musician: Dawson Miller

Production Team

  • Director: Annie Castledine
  • Designer: Simon Brimson-Lewis
  • Lighting Designer: Ben Payne
  • Musical Director: Sinan Savaskan
  • Choreographer: Shona Morris
  • Sound Designer: Andrew Pontzen
  • Language Coaches: Anthony Bowen, James Diggle
  • Assistant Directors: Dan Barnard, Renate Nybord
  • Stage Manager: Ros Pyne
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Eleanor Earl, Teresa Fawls, Tom Quartley, Danielle Trigg
  • Publicist: Susie Parker
  • Assistant Publicist: Zena Al-Salami
  • Publicity Design: Andrew Pontzen, Susie Parker
  • Wardrobe Supervisor: Liz Bell
  • Lighting Assistant: Damian Robertson
  • Production Manager: Raymond Cross
  • Producer: Simon Goldhill

The following outreach events and public talks took place over the week:

  • 13th, noon: talk for school groups by Pat Easterling, Lady Mitchell Hall
  • 14th, noon: talk for school groups by Simon Goldhill, Lady Mitchell Hall
  • 14th, 1pm: ‘Staging Greek Drama’, by Lucilla Burn, Fitzwilliam Museum Greek Gallery
  • 15th, noon: talk for school groups by Paul Cartledge, Lady Mitchell Hall
  • 15th, 1pm: ‘From Papyrus to Penguins: the Survival of Ancient Texts’, by Pat Easterling, Fitzwilliam Museum Greek Gallery
  • 16th, noon: talk for school groups by Simon Goldhill, Little Hall
  • 16th-17th, 2.30-5pm: ‘Performing Ancient Tragedy’ symposium, Queens’ College. Participants: Edith Hall, Fiona Macintosh, Simon Goldhill, Pat Easterling, Jonathan Kent, Simon McBurney, Phyllidea Lloyd, Annie Castledine, Corin Redgrave, Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Higgins, Juliet Stevenson.

The most impressive moment of the 2004 Cambridge Greek Play was Matilda Dratwa’s messenger speech, delivered with striking stillness and lack of drama. The effect was to let the words do the work, while she remained seemingly in a state of awed shock by what she had seen.

Jennifer Wallace, The Cambridge Introduction to Tragedy