The production in October 2022 will be a double bill: Aeschylus’s tragedy The Persians and Euripides’ satyr play The Cyclops. Cyclops is the only surviving satyr play and very rarely performed.

There will be performances from Wed 19 - Sat 22 October 2022 and tickets are available here.

Following the success of 2019’s Oedipus at Colonus, the same creative team led by Director Dan Goldman present an exciting double bill: the earliest surviving Greek tragedy Persians by Aeschylus and the only remaining satyr play Cyclops by Euripides. 

While Persians draws on recent Greek history and Cyclops derives from the well-known episode in Homer’s Odyssey, both plays present an outsider as the central character. Can those we consider monsters become the object of our pity, if only we look at them closely enough?

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  • Atossa: Maria Telnikoff
  • Darius: Mithiran Ravindran
  • Xerxes: Saul Barrett
  • Messenger: Georgina Hayward, Leo Gardner, Zoe Bond
  • Chorus Leader: Katrina Rose, Bex O’Connell
  • Odysseus: Ilya Wray
  • Silenus: Saul Bailey
  • Polyphemus: Jude Ashcroft
  • Chorus: Andrea Jenssen, Ayesha Jallali, Cathryn-Olivia Alexander, Cian Morey, Coby O’Brien, Ella Joralemon, Fargol Malekpoosh, Isobel Lawrence, Leon Hewitt, Ollie Taylor, Perrin Ford, Phoebe Deller, Polly Shorrock, Renée Chang, Willow Yang, Zhenglin Liu

Production and Design Team

  • Director: Danial Goldman
  • Producers: Jennifer Wallace, Rebecca Laemmle
  • Composer: Alex Silverman
  • Set and Costume: Jemima Robinson
  • Associate Set Designer: Georgie White
  • Lighting Designer: Richard Williamson
  • Cyclops Design: Alex Genn-Bash


  • Assistant Directors: Lucia Bowers, Emma Gibson
  • Assistant Producers: Katy Lawrence, Tom Shortland
  • Stage Manager: Derek Penny
  • Deputy Stage Manager: Declan Boyd

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