The BACCHAE took place on 20-24 February.

The actors’ text and translation sold to audiences was published as D.W. Lucas, The Bacchae of Euripides (Cambridge 1955). Lucas’ translation from 1930 was reused for this production. A recording of the music was made by Alan Carpenter and Nigel Glendenning. The recording features the CUMS orchestra, conducted by Allen Percival.


  • Dionysus: R.A.K. Baker
  • Tiresias: J.A. Roberts
  • Cadmus: J.W. Cotton
  • Pentheus: J.A. Jones
  • Attendant: H.J. Easterling
  • First Messenger: D.J.D. Miller
  • Second Messenger: N.G. Hamel-Smith
  • Agave: Janet Roseveare
  • Leader of the Chorus: Patricia Fairfax
  • Chorus: Magaret Orr (soloist), Ann Keynes (soloist), Shirely Barlow, Alison Burford, Miranda Coldstream, Mary Cumming, Mary Easterbrook, Elizabeth Haines, Brenda Mason, Sheila Merrell, Joan Prendergast, Anne Wilcock, Valerie Williams
  • Agave’s Attendants: Jane Elder, Dora Pease

Production Team

  • Producer: Alan Kerr
  • Composer and Music Director: Peter Tranchell
  • Assistant MDs: David Epps, Richard Silk
  • Set Design: Malcolm Burgess
  • Set Painting: Roger Beck
  • Costumes: Judy Birdwood
  • Head of Pentheus by Bryan Upcott