Aristophanes’ CLOUDS was performed in February 1962.

The text and translation sold to audiences was H.J. Easterling and P.E. Easterling, The Clouds of Aristophanes (Cambridge 1961).

Music for the production was written by Philip Radcliffe, the well-known composer and Fellow of King’s College, and directed by Simon Preston, then organ scholar at King’s.


  • Strepsiades: S.J. Miller
  • Phidippides: J.L. Cohen
  • Slave to Strepsiades: D.J. Streeter
  • Senior student: M.F. Burnyeat
  • Other students: R.A. Fletcher, J.A. Fortescue, A.A.B. Metcalfe, J.F. Newton, N.H. Osborne, H.A.W. Pilkington
  • Socrates: T.J.L. Oxton
  • Chaerephon: J.P. Steele
  • Fair argument: M. Scott-Joint
  • Unfair argument: G.S. Ben-Tovim / J.D. Thomas
  • Pasias: J.D. Thomas / J.P. Steele
  • Witness: J.P. Newton
  • Amynias: H.M. Adedey
  • Hermes: J.A. Fortescue / J.M. Brearley
  • Chorus leaders: W.F. Crawley, G.H. Cadwallader
  • Chorus: C.M. Hindle, V.E.Dearle, F.J. Dobson, S.E. Jenkins, R.H. Patten, R.A. Fletcher, A.A.B. Metcalfe, N.H. Osborne, H.A.W. Pilkington, M.L. White, M.C. Wynne


  • Director of Music: Simon Preston
  • Violin: S.A.T. Standage, D. Beck
  • Viola: R. Bruce-Wilson
  • Cello: B.W. Howitt
  • Flute: S.A. Sterman / R.P.C. Podger

Production team

  • Composer: Philip Radcliffe
  • Producer: Dennis Arundell
  • Set design: Michael Aubrey
  • Stage manager: Michael Studdert
  • Prompters: A.W. Bullock, R.E. Beveridge
  • Business manager: L.P. Wilkinson
  • Assistant business managers: W.K. Lacey, M.M. Willcock
  • Producer’s Secretary: J.P. Steele