Sunday 20 October 2019 in Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens’ College

Following the 2019 Greek Play, Oedipus at Colonus, this one-day symposium brings together writers, academics and theatre practitioners to discuss tragedy, comedy, revolutionary politics and staging Greek drama today.

Participants: Felix Budelmann, Pat Easterling, Oliver Taplin, Fiona Macintosh, Rebecca Laemmle, Jennifer Wallace, Renaud Gagne, Paul Cartledge, Andrew Zurcher, Edith Hall and this year’s Greek play director, Daniel Goldman.

Organisers: Jennifer Wallace ( and Jessica Lightfoot (

Each panel consisted of a short talk by each speaker, followed by a chaired discussion.

Panel 1: Oedipus at Colonus and its Reception (chair: Felix Budelmann)

  • Pat Easterling (Cambridge)
  • Fiona Macintosh (Oxford)
  • Oliver Taplin (Oxford)

Panel 2: Pollution and Politics (chair: Rebecca Laemmle)

  • Jennifer Wallace (Cambridge)
  • Renaud Gagne (Cambridge)
  • Paul Cartledge (Cambridge)

Panel 3: Page to Stage (chair: Andrew Zurcher)

  • Edith Hall (KCL)
  • Daniel Goldman (2019’s Greek Play director)

A set of Programme Notes is available (PDF format).

Photo credits to David Swarbrick 2019.