Sunday 16 October 2016 in Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens’ College

Following the 2016 Greek Play, a double bill of Antigone and Lysistrata, this one-day symposium brought together writers, academics and theatre practitioners to discuss tragedy, comedy, revolutionary politics and staging Greek drama today.

Participants: M.M. McCabe, Kélina Gotman, Mary Beard, Rosa Andujar, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Robert Icke, Clare Foster, Eleanor Bron, Jane Griffiths, Simon Goldhill, Oliver Taplin, Paul Cartledge, Fiona Macintosh, Jennifer Wallace and this year’s Greek play director, Helen Eastman.

Organisers: Jennifer Wallace ( and Emily Kneebone (

Each panel consisted of a short talk by each speaker, followed by a chaired discussion.

Panel 1: tragedy and comedy (chair: Jennifer Wallace)

  • M.M. McCabe (KCL)
  • Fiona Macintosh (Oxford)
  • Oliver Taplin (Oxford)

Panel 2: politics and revolution (chair: Paul Cartledge)

  • Kélina Gotman (KCL)
  • Mary Beard (Cambridge)
  • Simon Goldhill (Cambridge)
  • Rosa Andujar (KCL) 

Panel 3: page to stage (chair: Simon Goldhill)

  • Timberlake Wertenbaker (playwright)
  • Robert Icke (director)
  • Jane Griffiths (director)
  • Clare Foster (UCL)
  • Eleanor Bron (actress)
  • Helen Eastman (director) 

A set of Programme Notes is available (PDF format).