ANTIGONE took place in February 1959.

The text and translation sold was R.C. Trevelyan, The Antigone of Sophocles (London 1958). The set and costumes for the production were based on the Minoan civilization, which had been rediscovered at the beginning of the twentieth century. Isabel Lawson and Jennifer Biggs alternately took the roles of Antigone and Ismene.


  • Antigone: Isabel Lawson / Jennifer Biggs
  • Ismene: Jennifer Biggs / Isabel Lawson
  • Creon: John Taylor
  • Watchman: J. G. Carson
  • Haemon: P. Locke
  • Tiresias: J. D. G. Cashin
  • First messenger: J. R. Wrangham
  • Eurydice: Anne Vogler
  • Second messenger: A. J. Bowen
  • Chorus leader: R. B. Pike  

Production Team

  • Director: Alan Ker
  • Composer: Peter Tranchell
  • Set and costume design: Malcolm Burgess
  • Costumes made by Judy Birdwood
  • Stage manager: Donald Beves
  • Business manager: L. P. Wilkinson