The BIRDS was erformed at the Theatre Royal, November 1903. 5056 tickets were sold.

The text and translation used in 1883 were reprinted. For the first time, introductory lectures were given before the performance. These lectures were given by Jebb and Verrall.

Sir Hubert Parry again composed the music, which was conducted by himself and Charles Wood.

Cast (incomplete)

  • Peithetairus: J.T. Sheppard
  • Chorus: M.A. Bolton, P.F. Boughey, T.F. Bowman, F.E. Chappell, J. Claque, J.H. Clay, A.C. Cooper, C.R.P. Cooper, C.C. Dickson, H.M. Eisdell, W.H.H. Elliott, J.P. Gabbatt, T.W. Haward, J.C.H. Low, H.M. Pinto Leite, B. StJ. Storrs, E.R. Streeten, H.B. Tower, C.B. Yearsley, D. Young

Production team (incomplete)

  • Stage-managers: H.J. Edwards, W. Durnford

The music of Sir Hubert Parry, unsurpassed among his works - or, indeed, in English music - for its grace, spontaneity, and freshness of invention, was a chief attraction.

The Times, 27th November 1903