Our archive does not currently have any photographs from this production. If you have any photos from rehearsals or the production, we would love to hear from you.


  • Euelpides: Andrew Mackay
  • Peisetairos: John Parry
  • Trochilos: Nigel Forbes-Harpur
  • Hoopoe: Robert Rowe
  • Procne: Clive Bell
  • Priest: Ian Grant
  • Poet: Robert Rowe
  • Oracle-worker: Gordon Thompson
  • Meton: Andrew Brown
  • Episcopos: Nigel Forbes-Harpur
  • Statute-seller: James O’Neil
  • First Messenger: Francis Mohan
  • Second Messenger: David Taylor
  • Iris: Jane Edwards
  • Prometheus: Lloyd Lloyd
  • Poseidon: Andrew Mackay
  • Triballian: James O’Neil
  • Heracles: Mark Farrell
  • Bride: Penelope Tomlinson
  • Chorus: Sheridan Benison (leader), Elizabeth Mumford, Carolyn Hayman, Olivia Johnston, Laura Sparkes, Ruth Siddals, Jane Ellison, Georgina Hogg