Trojan Women

TROJAN WOMEN was performed on 21-24 October 1998 at the Cambridge Arts Theatre


  • Poseidon: Paul Wood
  • Athene: Lizzy Mace
  • Hekabe: Marta Zlatic
  • Cassandra: Zoe Svendsen
  • Andromache: Amaya Chandler
  • Talthybius: Finnian O’Neill
  • Helen: Dolja Dragasevic
  • Menelaus: David Pearson
  • Astyanax: Pepita Barlow, Sarah Goldhill, Richard Wright
  • Chorus: Francesca Delany, Tunde Formadi, Alexandra Green, Tamsin Hewitt, Phillippa Jevons, Catherine Montgomery, Cressida Ryan

Production Team

  • Director: Jane Montgomery
  • Composer: Keith Clouston
  • Designer: Michael Spencer
  • Language Consultant: Anthony Bowen
  • Production Manager: Raymond Cross
  • Lighting Designer: Gareth Hughes
  • Music Director: John Andrews
  • Design Assistant: Tamasin Rhymes
  • Makeup and Still Photography: Praveen Menon-Johansson
  • Company Movement: Alexandra Green
  • Voice Work: Michael Ostroski
  • Deputy Stage Manager: Anne Smart
  • Stage Management Team: Tristan Wilson, James Emmett, Sarah Clarke, Caroline Holmes, Sally Wrench
  • Publicity: James Harris, Charles Morris

Any modern staging of this tragedy has to decide whether to recognize and embrace the present Balkan nightmare, or to shut it out completely. This thoughtful, brave and moving production at Cambridge opts wholeheartedly for the former alternative. … The fine music, composed by Keith Clouston, draws on Albanian folk-songs, mixed with looped drones and voices, and is particularly suitable for such a play of lament. … Every detail is weighed and crafted; the text has been researched, politicized, made musical and passionate.

Oliver Taplin, Times Literary Supplement

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