Reading the Plays

We encourage anyone interested in coming to the Greek plays to read up on the plot beforehand. Below you’ll find some fairly literal translations with notes, and also editions and commentaries for the Greek text if you’re studying Greek.

Prometheus Bound

M.L. West, Aeschyli tragoediae (Teubner), Stuttgart 1990 / [Aeschyli]: Prometheus 1992 (ISBN 3519010186). [Edition of Greek text]

A.H. Sommerstein, Aeschylus: Persians, Suppliants, Seven against Thebes, Prometheus (Loeb), Cambridge Ma. 2008 (ISBN 9780674996274). [Edition of Greek text with translation and brief notes]

M. Griffith, Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound (Green & Yellow), Cambridge 1983 (ISBN 0521270111). [Edition of Greek with extensive commentary]

A.J. Podlecki, Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound (Aris & Phillips), Oxford 2005 (pbk ISBN 9780856684722). [Edition of Greek with translation and shorter commentary]

I. Ruffell, Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound, Bristol 2012 (ISBN 9780715634769) [Introduction to themes and reception of the play]


K.J. Dover, Aristophanes: Frogs, Oxford 1993 (ISBN 0198150059) / Aristophanes: Frogs, student edition 1997 (ISBN 0198150717). [Edition of Greek text with extensive / less extensive commentary]

A.H. Sommerstein, Aristophanes: Frogs (Aris & Phillips), Warminster 1996 (ISBN 0856686484). [Edition with translation and brief commentary]

J. Henderson, Aristophanes vol. iv, Frogs, Assemblywomen, Wealth (Loeb), Cambridge Ma. 2002 (ISBN 0674995961). [Edition with translation]

M. Griffith, Aristophanes’ Frogs, Oxford 2013 (ISBN 9780195327731) [Brand new general monograph on the play]

General Guides to Greek Theatre

O. Taplin, Greek Tragedy in Action, London 1978 (ISBN 0416717004) / 2nd ed. 2003 (ISBN 041530251x)

D. Wiles, Greek Theatre Performance: An Introduction, Cambridge 2000 (ISBN 0521648572)